A note to myself from myself

Dear myself,

An old man told me that I should watch out for the next three days. If I let my emotion take over me, I would be dead. If I can take it slowly, let it sink, slow it down, and let it go, my future will be bright.

Sound interesting, doesn’t it?

Well, I have no problem to let my emotion go. It’s just what’s going on with me internally.

Yet, what the old man told me was an excellent reminder.

On Sunday, some of my employees sent a note telling me that they would not be in the office on Monday.

When I saw the note, I got angry. We are people of integrity and live by the law of integrity. We communicate immediately when we know we can’t keep our words.

Yet, I interpreted that they waited till the last minute to tell me that they wouldn’t be in the office on Monday. It was a clear communication before the break that everyone would be in the office by Monday.

So I was angry. I wrote back a note with anger.

The words from the old man came to the rescue. I saw that my communication didn’t come from my heart; it was from my anger. I removed what I wrote before many would see it. If I was at the receiving end of what I wrote, I would react badly.

Warren Buffett once said that we should hold onto what we want to say when we are angry at someone; let it sit in our mind for at least 24 hours; if after 24 hours we still feel we should deliver the message, we should do it.

Well, myself, it shouldn’t be just three days. Do it for the rest of your life. Respond to anger with love. Come from the place of love and take it from there.

Just love it.

From myself to myself.

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