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Hoan is an investor and a coach with 13+ years of experience as an engineering leader for Symantec Inc., the leader in information security. He was awarded the Symantec Achievers in 2014 and the Symantec Top Talent for Managers in 2010. Hoan left Symantec in 2018 to start a tech company to transform the sharing economy industry for professionals.

The following have shaped Hoan as the Samurai coach: as an investor using Warren Buffett’s investing principles, as a martial artist trained by Shihan Arakaki of Musokai Karate, and as a leadership/executive coach utilizing principles from Werner Erhard, John Maxwell, Steve Chandler.

Great coaching is best described by Michel Angelo: “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

If you need medication, get a good doctor. If you need therapy, get a good therapist. If you need meditation, get a good yoga teacher. If you want to be in a created space that will allow you to see with clarity, work with me.

Five things you need to know about the Samurai coach:

  1. Hoan is blunt, straightforward, and may not tell you what you want to hear.
  2. Only those very serious about extraordinary results, utilizing unusual, and exceptionally effective strategies, and those really ready to change should contact Hoan.
  3. Hoan rarely takes unscheduled calls.
  4. In many cases, Hoan will recommend books, courses, or tools that best address your questions and needs. Individual consultation requires substantial investment; however many situations are well served by the product Hoan has developed or obtained.
  5. Do not be disappointed or frustrated by Hoan’s refusal to dispense free advice. Free advice is rarely a bargain for the recipient, not a fair return on investment or experience for the giver.

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