1. Kim Duyen Tran Nguyen

Hoan, I truly admire your passion & commitment to studying, coaching, and teaching real transformational leadershipand your dedication to lifelong learning and continual growth & development so that you can help make a difference in society.

I appreciate you so much because every time you help me grow, I am able to help those around me grow as well. I appreciate you always sharing your resources and your wisdom and insights as they significantly add value to my life.

I love how you are open to learning and always proactively seeking to gain more knowledge and perspective from different leaders. Self discipline, focus, and consistency are definitely your strengths.

You are an impressively intelligent & inquisitive deep thinking partner who I can trust in my journey of personal growth and self improvement. You truly absorb all the teaching materials so well and actually apply the learned principles.

Thank you for powerfully stretching me, serving me, and supporting me with my vision and dreams and overcoming self limiting beliefs through your powerful coaching skills. I’m grateful to have a very kind friend and profound coach like you to help me not just dream bigger dreams, but to take real action to achieve them.

You are one of the few key people that I talk with to explore ideas, goals and challenges. You have great listening skills and ask deep, thought provoking questions to pick my brain.

It’s been a blessing to not just connect with you from the John Maxwell Team, but to truly grow a real friendship with you. I am happy to get to know you better as we continue to learn, share, and grow together.

Thank you for being the awesome you. I think you are an amazing coach and very passionate leader. You are a gift to my personal growth.

My wish is to have at least 5 more passionate JMT leaders like you in my inner circle, kind caring people who are always positively influencing, inspiring,encouraging, and lifting others up. Thank you for helping me build my dreams. I am grateful for you!