Only genius can… if you want to, you can

An engineer comes to a coach with a burning quest: “coach, I really want to get promoted but I don’t know how. I have been working in the same position for too long.”

The coach: “How strong is your want-to?”

Engineer: “Very strong, coach. I have seen my colleagues getting promoted and I have done much more than they did.”

The coach: “What’s stopping you?”

Engineer: “I can’t think of anything. Other people got promoted so I don’t think anyone could stop me. Hmm… it might be me who’s stopping myself.”

The coach: “Tell me more.”

Engineer: “[thinking deep]…I do what my boss tells me to do. Sometimes I wanted to go extra miles but there’s always been something got in my way and I allowed it to take me away from going extra miles.”

The coach: “That’s a great insight. What’s next?”

Engineer: “I realize now that my want-to is not strong enough. If my want-to is strong, I would not allow myself to be distracted from my goal. I do know how to get promoted as I have seen how others got promoted. I will work on my want-to.”

The engineer works together with the coach on his want-to and his goal. A few months later, the engineer gets promoted for the outstanding job he’s done. With his insight on want-to vs. how-to, he gets himself different positions, each one is better than the previous one.

If you really want to, you will know how to.

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