Two success habits to get yourself ahead of the crowd

There are good habits and there are also bad habits. And the great news is that we have control over which habit to form.

Habit is a regular practice or tendency, which often is hard to give up. Habit is an automatic reaction to a specific situation. Habit can be addictive such as drugs… (Dictionary)

We have many habits whether we know them or not. Something we do repeatedly long enough will become a habit. Check in your experience for yourself to see the force of habit such as which foot you put your shoe on first, your daily sleep schedule, ….even how you work.

There are good habits and there are also bad habits. And the great news is that we have control over which habit to form (yes, it’s hard and tedious and of course requires discipline to form good ones).

From my own experience as well as deep study of successful billionaires (they are often older than 80 years old and have lived long enough to prove what works and what doesn’t), these two habits will serve us and form a basic for great successes.

The first one is habit of promptness. This includes being on time to an appointment. It is to pay debt when it’s due. It is to meet an obligation or keep a promise of any kind. Essentially, promptness is being a person of integrity, a person of one’s own word. If you are what you say you are, you are much further ahead of the crowd. People can count on you and want to do business with you.

The second one is habit of thrift. Thrift element is often a deciding factor to any business success formula. By being thrifty, one will instantly recognize any opportunity to lower overhead and production cost. This will translate into increasing profit. In addition, a person of thrift will always have a reserve. A reserve will enable one to meet contingencies and carry one through tough times. A reserve will also make it possible for one to expand or make improvements without having to borrow.

Practice those two habits (promptness and thrift) until they become your second nature. They will greatly help you achieve your goals.

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About the author: Hoan Do is a certified leadership coach. Hoan have led multiple teams at Symantec Inc. across the globe delivering world-class solutions to protect consumers and businesses. Hoan is an expert in building highly performing teams. He believes that the best leader is the leader that could grow his followers to be leaders. Hoan has been organizing mastermind groups to share with other leaders about transformational leadership and coaching. He has trained many leaders via mastermind groups, workshops, and one-on-one coaching.

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