The #1 app for building habit of being effective

I was inspired by Peter Drucker when reading the Effective Executive on an airplane. Being a tech guy, I was inspired to create an app to help myself and others become more effective. 

My team was inspired by what it can do for others and released the first version with lightning speed.

Interestingly enough, even testing the app, I built quite a few good habits and had better control over my time. Some of those are built into the app such as: walk 10,000 steps daily, wake up by 6 am, read 30 minutes a day, prioritize my day,….

I know it can do the same for you. 

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The secret of Tim Ferris’s 4-hour work week with applications and exercises

Why am I reading this?
  • To find out what Tim Ferris means by working only 4-hour per week. I’ve read his article on LinkedIn. He was able to live a life of his dream with a lot of traveling. I want to find out his method and how I can apply to my life.
An interesting exercise which is similar to what Steve Chandler talked about:
  • Contact high-profile people and get them to reply to your questions
Another practice:
  • Ask for phone numbers of at least two attractive members of the opposite sex on each day. It’s not important to get the number, it’s important to overcome fear of asking.
    Example of a script (a more challenge on is to ask 3 girls in a row in less than 5 minutes): “Excuse me. I know this is going to sound strange, but if I don’t ask you now, I will be kicking myself for the rest of the day. I am running to meet a friend, but I think you are extremely cute/hot. Could I have your phone number? I am not a psycho – I promise. You can give me a fake one if you are not interested.”
Secrets of efficiency and effectiveness:
  1. Pareto’s principle: Limit tasks to the important to shorten work time (80/20)
  2. Parkinson’s Law: Shorten work time to limit tasks to the important.
Application: identify few critical tasks that contribute most to income and schedule them with very short and clear deadlines.
An exercise: ask yourself constantly at least three times per day
  1. Am I being productive or just active?
  2. Am I inventing things to do to avoid the important?

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