How can this Uber driver be happier driving Uber than being an executive?

The driver was a Vice President at a pharmaceutical company. He worked there for over 20 years. He’s happier now being a Uber driver than being a VP. The guy had so much energy. How?


The uber driver got out of his car and helped load my luggages into the trunk after seeing that I was limping. He looked like a 30-year athlete. I appreciated him as my foot was injured.

The drive was pleasant. A a coach, I often start the conversation and build a relationship. However, the driver started first. He asked about my trip, my foot, and my stay. Then he shared with me about his life. We had a great connection being built up.

The driver was a Vice President at a pharmaceutical company. This explained why he was very good at relationship building.  He worked there for over 20 years. When his company struggled, he was laid off with a big severance package.

When he was working as the VP, he made a lot of money. He ate out all day. He lived in a mansion. He bought expensive stuffs for his wife every month. However, he’s a big fat guy. He was not satisfied with his life but was too busy to even care.

As for his spending, the more he earned, the more he spent.

Once he got laid off, at first it was a devastating blow to his lifestyle. After a month being in quietness, he realized that he’s not dead yet and he still has many years to live as well as a family to take care of.

He also noticed that his health was much better. He started joining groups to exercise. In three months, he lost 90 lbs. Now he’s an active member of a group that bikes daily at 6am.

He’s in late 50s with a look of a young 30s. He’s very upbeat about life.

And he has more money in savings now as a uber driver than he had as an executive of a big pharmaceutical company.

He often goes back to his former company to party with his former co-workers. He said that he felt sorry for them as they are big fat guys burying themselves into a life that they have no control over.

Several companies invited him to work for them after his layoff. He tried and left as he chooses his life as it is now.

Several lessons from this driver:

  1. Spend less than what you learn. The Uber driver was following this strategy: Learn the skill here.
  2. Create your life. Choose happiness.
  3. Exercise often. Start now.
  4. If you are laid off, get off it and congratulate yourself for starting a new life. Then start a new life.
  5. Rewrite a new chapter of your life everyday.
  6. Be friendly to others. Build relationships. You never know what might come after.
  7. Be friendly to Uber drivers. You can learn great deals from them.

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