How to handle referral so more keep coming

An #engineer refers his friend to a #hiring #manager. After the initial exchange, the engineer never hears back from the hiring manager about his friend.

An engineer writes a post on #LinkedIn telling his connections about an opening at his company. He gets many #resumes. After #screening through those resumes, he passes 3 good resumes to a hiring manager. He receives a thank you note from the hiring manager. He never hears back from the hiring manager about those resumes.

In both of these situations, the manager is almost guaranteed to never receive another referral. The manager simply does not know how to treat a referral well.

Most companies have a referral bonus. It’s a mistake that a hiring manager makes by leaving the #referral to the company’s system. If a hiring manager does this, he’s lack of some basic communication skill.

So how should a manager treat a referral right so that he continues to get high quality leads?

There are many ways to treat a referral right. Some managers take great care of referrals by sending gifts, hand-written thank-you cards, taking them out for a meal….

However, a simple message to tell people who refer to you about how their referral did is sufficient.

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