Pick a boss, not a job


An engineer who is very smart and capable is transferred to a new team with a new manager. He soon finds out that he’s working for a manager who is only interested in delivering short-term results at all cost.

At first the engineer shows some great innovations, only found himself getting busier and busier with doing what the manager wants. Whenever he brings up some innovative ideas, the manager shots him down masterfully leaving the engineer being unfulfilled.

After talking with a coach, the engineer realizes that he is missing out living a life. He’s living in a prison that his manager builds and he himself unconsciously accepted. The engineer even thought that he has no where else better to go to. The coach helps the engineer to get insights into his life and his ability. He quits his job and immediately gets better offers from big companies.

The engineer picks the position with a boss who values him and gives him a lot of autonomy. In one year, he becomes  a shining star in the organization with award winning innovations.


1. Pick a boss, not a job.

2. Don’t be stuck in a prison. You are free to be and free to act. The world needs you to reach your full potential.

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