The path to mastery in Musokai Karate

Senpai Bob Stringham has recently undertaking a study with Shihan Kiyoshi Arakaki to discover the original meanings of Musokai Karate katas. Bob is the 4th degree blackbelt in Musokai Karate and an executive who was voted the most fit executive of his age group in Utah.

During the blackbelt promotion test, Bob demonstrated the new techniques in the katas and sparring. It was spectacular to observe him delivering Naifanchi techniques. I could see as I had been learning those techniques from Bryan, who is also a 4th degree blackbelt.

Bob later shared that he has been inquiring into the katas we practice. He stayed with the questions and kept looking.

This is extraordinary. I thought that the techniques I had been practicing were as effective as they could be. However, Shihan and Bob kept inquiring deeper and deeper. At each stage, they discovered more and more insights.

The path to mastery in Musokai Karate definitely requires a lot of physical practice. At the same, the path to mastery involves deep inquiry.

This keeps one get better and better.

P/S: Musokai Karate was founded by Shihan Kiyoshi Arakaki in 1980. Musokai Karate headquarter is located in Salt Lake city, Utah. There are classes for both adults and kids. If you are looking for a unique training experience and the opportunity to train with the world-class master who not only masters the art but also can teach you to master it, please check out Musokai Karate.
Shihan Arakaki is the author of many best selling books. His English book “The Secrets of Okinawa Karate” is my bible and training manual while I am away from the dojo.
If you are in Salt Lake city or nearby, pick up your phone and call (801) 262-1785 for classes for yourself or your kids. 3 Free classes for first timers.
If you are in Los Angeles area, contact 424 284 9321. Musokai Karate also has clubs in Japan and Vietnam.

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