Do this small tactic and you will have a great long-term success managing a team

A #manager inherits a team with two engineers: Vin and Randy. His #boss tells him that Vin is a star and Randy is an ok engineer.

The manager likes Vin from the start. Randy makes a OK impression.

Vin is treated like a #star. His mistakes are often overlooked by the manager. The manager instead gives #encouragement and #coaching to Vin. In one year, Vin becomes a very successful engineer and gets promoted.

Randy is treated OK. No matter how much he tries, Randy still gets an OK impression. Any mistake Randy makes is criticized by the manager. In one year, Randy stays as OK.

What’s worth knowing is that Randy’s peer feedbacks and work prove that he is a more talented engineer than Vin. His talent is not recognized and nurtured by his manager.

Lesson: people will perform to your #expectation. As a leader, treat people like they are #superstars. They will prove you are right. Put a 10 on everyone’s head and treat them like they are real 10.

#thesamuraicoach, #leadership, #management#TechAgeism#HiringforPotential

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