Don’t search in the light while what you are looking for is in the darkness

An engineer comes to a coach: “I can’t seem to move up no matter what I do. Last year my boss told me to improve my communication as I pissed people off. I took many courses on communication. I still don’t get promoted and people still hate me.”

Coach: “Ok, I can help you. First, let me tell you a story.”

An old man was walking home late one night when he saw a friend on his knees under a street light, searching for something.
“What are you doing?” he asked his friend.
“I dropped the key to my house.”
“I will help you look.”
After a few minutes of frustrated searching, the old man asked, “Where exactly were you when you dropped the key?”
His friend pointed toward the darkness. “Over there.”
“Then why are you looking for it here?”
“Because this is where the light is.”

Coach: “You took courses and did what your boss told you to do. However, those things only help you fix certain things. You were looking for the key in the light instead of the darkness, where it actually is.”

The engineer’s mind is clicked. He takes on a transformational journey with the coach and becomes a powerful leader.

You talk, I listen. I talk, you listen.

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