SUCCESS LESSON 10: Follow Your Passion

Steve is a factory worker making a minimum wage. He hated his job but could not make up his mind to follow his passion. Before he came to America, he was a successful construction engineer. He has been drifting through life wishing his life could have been different. Steve goes to work everyday with a goal to retire.

Mrs.B, on the other hand, came to America with a dream to build a successful business. She pursued her dream with passion. She built Nebraska Furniture Mart into a large retailer. Her approach was simple: be honest, deal with integrity, and give people a bargain. Nothing could stop her. Mrs.B worked at her store until she was 103.

If you work the rest of your life, you might as well do something you like. A key to success is to be passionate about what you do and to always have a dream. The person who can’t be stopped won’t be stopped.

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