Mid-life crisis: is this all there is?

No matter how good one looks, how wealthy one is, how much support one gets, it’s never enough to avoid mid-life crisis. When mid-life crisis happens, one feels emptiness, incompleteness, and pain commonly expressed in this question: is this all there is? (Werner Erhard)

Steve Jobs, the legendary CEO of Apple Inc., was widely successful, fabulously wealthy, and a global celebrity when he was 30 year old. He was fired from Apple in his 30. In his biography, Steve Jobs depicted that in this same year after being fired he had to deal with mid-life crisis: decide what he wanted to do with his life. He revealed that he did not know what to do. Eventually, his love for what he did won over his mid-life crisis and led him to amass successes after successes as the world now knows.

I tell the story of Steve Jobs to say that mid-life crisis can happen to anyone. I wish to know what kind of help Steve Jobs got in order to deal with his mid-life crisis. I could only get from reading his life that he was a real student of meditation, which could certainly help him find the sense of purposefulness.

My mid-life crisis came when I was over 30. What Werner Erhard said above was true. I felt emptiness and a sense of lack of direction to go in life. I looked around and saw nothing meaningful I could do. Being a student of iching, I met many powerful fortunetellers. None of them could help me. They even clouded my sense of direction. Luckily, I met a coach who skillfully guided me to find my direction by looking deeper into my own mind. The interesting thing was that it was already there. My coach just helped me realize it and be with it.

Having a purpose that is bigger than myself pulled me out of my mid-life crisis.

If you read this and are dealing with a mid-life crisis, get a coach.

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