SUCCESS LESSON 1: If people don’t come to your business, bring your business to the people.

Dear Mr. CEO,

Yes, that’s you. You are a CEO. You are the CEO and president of your own personal service corporation. You are the president and CEO of your own life. If you work for someone or some company, you provide your services to them in form of employment. If you are a business owner, you provide services to your customers. No matter what you do, you provide services. You are responsible for every aspect of your own company, yourself.

A good business needs a good location. People must be able to find your business. Warren Buffett taught that: If people don’t come to your business, bring your business to the people. If people don’t come to you, bring yourself to the people.


Do you make it easier for people to find your business? Do you have a good location for your business?

Good locations can be an easy-to-remember website, an easy-to-find place, or an easy-to-remember phone number… Anything that can help people find your business.

One of the best “location” or perhaps the best “location” is that you become so good that people will find you at all cost. What are you doing to make yourself become so good? What investment are you making on yourself? The best investment you can ever make is the investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you earn.

For businesses, the best investment is to invest in the owner. The business will prosper as the owner keeps getting better. As you keep getting better, your own personal service corporation will prosper.

See you in the next lesson.

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