Musokai Karate – Equipping first graders


Los Angeles, CA
September 23, 2016

Today is our third practice. Our kiais were so loud that the school’s official came over. Instead of asking us to be quiet, she took pictures and paid us compliments. Our practice is now featured in the school’s newsletter. It’s always a great feeling to add value to others. Especially, in this case I can add value to the future leaders. Those first graders are very smart. They picked up Musokai Karate very quickly. As Musokai Karate follows the way of nature and teaches the way to be a good human being, those future leaders will think differently and be equipped with seeds to be good leaders.

About Musokai Karate: Musokai Karate was founded by Shihan Kiyoshi Arakaki ( in Utah in 1980. Musokai Karate teaches ancient Okinawa Karate techniques and follows the way of nature.
I have been trained by Shihan Arakaki since 2006. Shihan’s teaching is original and deep. I not only learned the secret techniques of Okinawa Karate, but also the way to be a compassionate¬†human being.

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