Eat your own cooking or soon no one will


My dear clients,

It was 7:30pm and I was having some fries with my son at McDonald. McDonald’s food was good as always. If you know me, I’d rather have McDonald than a fancy sushi meal. A powerful thought came to my mind. Does McDonald’s CEO (currently Steve Easterbrook) eat McDonald’s food? Their service is second to none and their food is consistent across all location. However, does McDonald’s CEO eat McDonald’s food? Does McDonald’s executives eat McDonald’s food? Does McDonald’s employees eat McDonald’s food?

In fact, I question any business owner. Do you eat your own cooking?

Now, if you honestly do not, why should others use your products?

One of the critical principles of business successes is that your business should be run and operated as you would expect it to be if you were the customer. In other words, your business should have the Golden Rule written everywhere.

I challenge you to eat your own cooking and post your picture of you honestly using your own products as if you are the customer. In turn, you are to challenge your clients, your vendors, and your employees to do the same. So the challenge is:

  1. “Eat your own cooking”
  2. Take a picture of you doing so and post it on your company website or facebook page with one of the hashtags #EOOCChallenge,#MyEOOC, or #GoldenRuleForSuccess
  3. Challenge your friends, your employees, your clients, your vendors, and your partners to do the same.

Now, let’s look at some of the examples.

Buffett ate at Dairy Queen and took his dear guests to his own restaurants:



Elon Musk drove his Tesla:


Mark Zuckerberg used his facebook phone and of course his facebook page:


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