Incredible leaders @ John Maxwell Team’s IMC August 2016


The International Maxwell Certification (IMC) event concluded on August 17, 2016. It’s in our DNA to exceed expectations. John and the leadership team really modeled this and walked the talk. John himself delivered teachings that enriched my thinking of growth, leadership, and decision-making. I can’t wait to share my learnings with my clients, my teams, and my family as it will transform their lives.


It was such a rewarding experience to reconnect with many coaches (including my dear friends: Veera Budhi, Crystal Ramirez, Kim Nguyen) whom I met last years, meet my facebook friends, make new friends, and learn from mentors. It’s equally rewarding to be in the environment where every JMT coaches model servant leadership. The event had over 3400 coaches. Serving all 3400s was a team of volunteered coaches. The significant fact about those volunteered coaches was that they are alumni and successful coaches. They did outstanding jobs from arranging tables in the most professional way I could think of to supporting new coaches to help them get the most out of the event. In my first time attending IMC event, after being amazed by how smooth the event was, I thought that JMT hired professionals for the event. Coming back as an alumni, I now knew that those professionals were actual coaches like me. It’s really in the DNA of JMT coaches to serve and exceed expectations.

Besides meeting John, my mentors, and 3400s outstanding coaches, I met Dr. Ivan Misner and Curtis Sliwa. Dr. Ivan Misner is a very humble leader, the founder of BNI, and the networking guru. Curtis Sliwa is a modern hero who founded and is running the non-profit Guardian Angels. Guardian Angels spans across 13 countries and 131 cities to protect communities.


Curtis Sliwa shared his experiences running the Guardian Angels. He and his volunteers encountered death many times fighting against crime. Now, it was interesting to learn from him, what kept him going and how he leads the Guardian Angels, was his knowledge of universal laws. His parents listened to Dr. Thuman Fleet’s teaching on stick person and it got into his head unconsciously. His knowledge of the mind and universal laws saved him countless times.


Dr. Ivan Misner came to the IMC event as one of the 3 finalists of the John Maxwell’s Leadership Award of the year. He was the winner ( I was lucky to spend few minutes with him and got some great advices to network with local BNI chapters. He also shared his good impression of BNI Vietnam. According to him, Vietnam BNI has been amazing. He really liked how it has been organized and was impressed with its growth. This made me proud to hear.  Also a JMT coach, Ho Quang Minh, has done an incredible job to bring and grow BNI in Vietnam. I shared with Dr. Misner about my workshop organized by my dear friend and mastermind member, Dr. Nhu Do, on John Maxwell’s leadership with a BNI chapter consisting of successful and humble leaders in Saigon.

More coming…..

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