Most stars are not portable


I read “Scaling Up Excellence” by Bob Sutton and really cant put it down. The section about stacking talent is very interesting. It really shows that talent is never enough, especially in corporate world. Successful leaders must be able to weave together people with diverse knowledge and skills, not just gathering a lot of talented people with hope that they can work together.

“Most stars are not portable”

“We found that top performers in all those groups were more like comets than stars. They were blazing successes for a while but quickly faded out when they left one company for another.”

“Outsiders were paid about 20 percent more than insiders but performed worse and were more likely to quit or be fired than insiders.”

“Spend more time and money on encouraging cooperation and information sharing among existing employees, on developing technologies and procedures that enable exemplary work, and on using training and mentoring to develop their own stars”

“Beware of spending money as a substitute for doing the deep thinking and demanding work required to instill, spread, and sustain excellence.”

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