Leadership workshop at #1 motorcycle distributor in Vietnam – Hoa Binh Minh

On my trip to Vietnam over the 2016 Tet holiday, I did a workshop on modern leadership for a group of 55 amazing leaders at the southern office of Hoa Binh Minh corporation (http://www.hbm.com.vn). They welcomed Maxwell’s leadership principles with so much energy and enthusiasm. HBM leaders were talented, yet very humble and candid. They discussed different aspects of leadership with candor and transparency. No wonder, Hoa Binh Minh corp over 20 years in business has enjoyed such high growth and become the #1 seller and service provider of motorcycles in Vietnam.

One talented director, Mr. Vuong, even wrote a poem in less than 5 minutes. The following is my translation of his poem:

The workshop at the start of spring is today.
Management from all level gather here
Hoan Do is very dedicated
To share leadership principles of Americans
Hope everyone learned
And will lead effectively with joy and passion
Appreciate Hoan Do’s heartfelt sharing
Next year we will meet again
Wish you luck and success in America


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