A tiny habit will be the beginning of a life-long success

Kim’s story is very interesting and inspiring. She was a good student and persistent athlete in high school. She told me that she played tennis everyday. She met and got married to her high school sweetheart. They built a very happy family together. Since her child came, Kim stopped exercising. The habit of exercising daily was replaced by her care for her family and her kids. She was rather disappointed when she told me about her health. As similar to many mothers, she did the best thing a mom and a wife could do: care for family and children. As her kids got to a stage where they do not need her constant care, she thought of the old days living a healthy life. She had a burning desire to be healthy.
It has been 21 days since she started daily exercises. Everyday she has been doing two 30-minute sessions. She has done this regardless of holidays and family gathering. She has a large family and they demand  a lot of her time. That shows how much discipline she has. She shared with me many good news that came to her during those 21-days. She has been feeling great with her health. She renewed her mentorship program to learn from great mentors to build her coaching business. She completed John Maxwell Team’s coaching program. She overcame her fear to become a pro coach. Her husband got inspired with her daily exercises and started doing 30-minute session daily.
As how it has been with her health, she will be on a roller coaster with her success.
You can read Kim’s story on her facebook page: MY BREAKTHROUGH IN 2015
 and her post on completing 30-day challenge to build a habit of living healthy life: MY GRATITUDE
If you are interested in life-transforming experience, please reach me at hoanmd@gmail.com

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