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Watching a recent introduction on Think & Grow Rich study from Paul Martinelli, the president of John Maxwell Team, and a DVD from Bob Proctor, they both shared that Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill changed their lives. They read this book every year. In fact, Paul and Bob often shared with their audiences their book, which anyone can tell that they not only read it over and over again but also took notes and made highlights. As I ventured into personal development field and coaching, I found many successful people who got their lives changed from reading Think & Grow Rich.

I myself read this book since I was in college. I pushed it away as my awareness level was very low to receive the wisdom from Napoleon Hill. Or as Paul Martinelli said in his video, who introduced you to this book matters. I heard Paul mentioned about the book in one of his teachings in the mentorship program of John Maxwell Team. Since then, I read the book with a total different mindset and awareness. I read the book over and over again since then. As the law of gender is in play, I gradually harvest what I planted. So who introduced you to Think & Grow Rich really matters.

Another book that I was introduced indirectly by Warren Buffett is Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham. I studied Warren Buffett thoroughly after making many deadly mistakes of getting myself into speculation and following speculators such as Jesse Livermore. Warren Buffett mentioned this book many times. It is one of very few books that he has in his office and he reads this book every year for over 60 years. I first found it in the list of the best investing books of all the time when I got into stock market. I actually put it aside after skimming through the content. I came across a gold mine and thought it was just a desert. After studying Warren Buffett, I read Intelligent Investor with a total different mindset. The immediate benefit was that I stopped losing money, accepted who I am, and had a philosophy to guide my investing. Since then, I read Intelligent Investor at least once every year. I learned something new every time I read it.

Warren Buffett’s writings is the third book that I read annually. Buffett actually never published a book. However, he shares all his investing and life principles in his annual reports. Buffett’s writing is simple and straight to the point. He explained Ben Graham’s teachings with his own investing examples. Buffett’s writing is so brilliant that Lawrence Cunningham combined into a book without any modification to the content: The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America. I read both Buffett’s writings and Intelligent Investor at the same time.

Warren Buffett read Intelligent Investor annually.
Steve Jobs read the Autobiography of a Yogi annually.

What book(s) have you read annually? What book(s) have changed your life? Who introduced it to you? What book(s) would you introduce to others?

PS: Hoan is a business coach using transformation, leadership, and Musokai Karate principles to help his clients achieve extraordinary results.
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